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September 13, 2011

A great mail day….

This is what I call a great mail day.  No Bills.  Lots of magazines and catalogues.

And a little gift from Pottery Barn.

Here are a few things that caught my eye.

It’s a duffel bag AND it’s an ipod speaker station.  Really weird, but slightly intriguing.  And I don’t even think it’s all that ugly, at least in white.

A wire basket for my laundry room to hold my shoes, it’s long and narrow, and might fit perfectly in my tiny laundry room/mudroom/pass through.

I’m loving these convex mirrors.  A set of three would make for interesting wall art.

I’m off to catch up on my magazines and catalogues (and maybe do a little online shopping).

September 8, 2011

Hand Soap

Hand Soap…exciting stuff right? I wouldn’t typically deem hand soap worthy of an entire blog post. However, I have a new obsession: Pecksniffs Gardenia and White Peach Moisturizing Hand Soap. I first spotted this hand soap at HomeGoods (where else?!). I was instantly smitten with the pretty bottle. I picked up one bottle and used it as a starting point for re-decorating my powder room. Yes, this soap is that pretty – it inspired my powder room re-do! I loved the clean lines, the black lettering against the white soap, not to mention it was topped off with a shiny silver cap and dispenser. O and did I mention it smells heavenly? Hmmm…I’m not quite sure anyone else has ever described a bottle of hand soap in such detail…but I’ll gladly be the first. I was feeling pretty pleased with my purchase so on my twice weekly visits to HomeGoods (there is one near my work and one near my house so I typically pop in to each store once a week), I starting buying more soap. I’ll admit, it’s a problem. I’m a hand soap hoarder. Thus far I’ve purchased 8 bottles! In my defense, two are being used in the extra bathrooms, and one I gifted to my Aunt who shared my same enthusiasm for this soap. She remarked how much she loved the soap so I let her in on my hoarding problem and insisted she take a bottle home with her. So I ‘m down to only 5 extra bottles! The main reason that I’ve been hoarding this soap is that HomeGoods is selling a 16.90 oz bottle for $4.99 while Amazon is selling the same size bottle for $25.50. I think I’ll buy a bottle or two a week month. At this rate I’ll be moving homes before I need to buy more hand soap.

O and did I mention I also picked up a few of the coordinating candles?

I know it’s silly that a bottle of hand soap makes me happy. But, I thought I’d share my new obsession with you. So tell me, what seemingly insignificant items around your house put a smile on your face?

September 7, 2011

Garden Stools and a newly styled wall and vignette

Isn’t it funny how a new purchase for your home can inspire you to re-decorate?  Last week I told you about the garden stools I purchased at Goodwill.  As soon as I returned home I started moving furniture around.  I knew that I wanted the garden stools to be used in my family room so that I could pull them out for extra seating when we have company.  I have an empty wall in my family room that I figured would be perfect.  The wall holds one of my favorite pieces of art.  Here is what it looked like after I put the stools under the painting.

The scale was all wrong.  There was way too much space between the painting and the garden stools – and there was nothing happening to help relate the art to the garden stools.  I brought in a table that I had in my foyer.  The table was purchased at HomeGoods but is almost identical to this one sold at Ballard Designs (and for the record my purchase price was 1/4 of the price).

Adding the table was definitely an improvement.  Now let’s create a little vignette.  I just borrowed books and other items from around my house.

Looking at these pictures, I’m pretty happy with my newly styled wall and vignette.  I’m sure I’ll play around with different accessories in the future.  If you’re looking for more information on to how to create an interesting tablescape, Maria Killam, Colour Expert, has a great post on her site about how to style a vignette.

Now, what color to paint my stools.  Do I go bold with orange?  Classic with Navy?  Or play it safe with white?  Decisions, decisions.

On a side note, do you like my painting?  When it comes to selecting art for my home, I simply purchase what I love.  This painting was purchased at HomeGoods for only $50 dollars.  I’m sure it’s a mass produced piece, and I’m not even able to make out the artist’s signature.   Despite this, when I look at the piece I feel happy.  I love the colors – I love the orange dress and the unexpected pop of color with the yellow umbrella.  I wonder where this handsome couple is going.  What city are they in?  Is it a first date, or have they been married for years?  What is your favorite piece of art?  Where did you purchase it and why do you love it?

September 1, 2011

Loving these pillows…

I’m lusting over these fun pillows from Lamps Plus (who knew?!). I’m a lover of the color orange (and grey and cream and navy). Combined in a fun pattern like leopard and ikat – just perfection.

Find them here, here, and here