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August 26, 2011

a {minor} kitchen remodel – progress!

When I left my house today, I said goodbye to this as my backsplash:

and helloooooooo to this:

U.S. Ceramic Tile Bright Snow White 3 in. x 6 in. Ceramic Wall Tile

Before we get to the after pictures, let’s walk through the process. 

1. Buy tile from Home Depot. 

2. Beg my Dad for help

3. Go to work, come home from work, and admire Dad’s mad tiling skills

I hate to break it to you but this was NOT a DIY project.  There are many projects I’m willing to tackle on my own – but when power tools are involved, along with the possibility of losing a finger -I hire out.  And by hire I mean politely beg ask my contractor father for his services.  In return, I treated him to some really great takeout for dinner.  Fair trade, right?

I was able to snap a few pictures along the way, for your viewing pleasure only.  I won’t even begin to provide an explanation for what was happening here.

And how about a few after pictures?  As you can see we went with grey grout.  The darker grout helps to tie in the dark granite countertops.  I’m not able to find the grout on Home Depot’s website, but I can tell you it came in a box (as opposed to a bag) and the color was “light grey.”

You like?  I loooooove!

You’ll also notice that my Dad switched out the builders grade “cream” electrical fixtures to pure white.  Again, I’m not here to provide a tutorial (especially not when it comes to electrical), but it is something to think about when tiling your backsplash.

Although this is just the start of this makeover, I can already see how much lighter and brighter this space is becoming.  I’ve got a smile on my face just thinking about the end results.  There are still a lot of big projects to tackle: painting, curtains, and light fixtures.  I’ll also need to decide on artwork and smaller area rugs for in front of the sink and sliding glass door.  While I won’t be tackling the painting or the electrical work on my own, you will see me DIY the drapery panels.  Eventually, I’d love to put together a lined drapery panel tutorial and share it with you.

**hugs to my Dad for tackling this tiling project for me**

August 25, 2011

a {minor} kitchen makeover- the plan

As I mentioned in my previous post I’m working on a plan to turn my kitchen into a space that I love.  The kitchen is the heart of our home: it is where our guests linger during dinner parties, where you can find me Sunday’s in the fall rolling meatballs and cooking up a pot of gravy (my maiden name does end in a vowel), and most importantly where my husband and I sit down to dinner each night to discuss the day’s events.  There is one rule in our house and that is that all dinners are eaten at the kitchen table and with no TV background noise (well…certain exceptions *might* be made during college basketball season).

With that said I’m ready to make this space more ME (i mean uhhh, “US”) with…

a whole lot of classic white subway tile

and beautiful ikat fabric for drapes

two new overhead lights for the island and kitchen table

and a new area rug for under our table

Of course we’ll be painting the walls as well, paint color yet to be determined.  I’m leaning towards something in the gray family which will blend in nicely with the wall color from adjoining rooms.  I received a great design tip from a close family friend years ago – when designing a room always pick your paint color last.  I would have NEVER thought of that on my own…but it is so true.  It is much easier to match a paint color to fabric, than vice versa.  So, I’ll be taking my ikat fabric swatch to the local Benjamin Moore retailer and testing a few paint swatches on my wall before any decision is made.

I can’t wait to see my plan come together.  I’ll be sure to share updates along the way.

Side note: my husband leaves all design related decisions up to me, with one caveat – he has veto power.  In our kitchen redesign, he has vetoed one item thus far which I’ll share with you tomorrow.  At first, I wasn’t very happy when he exercised his veto power.  However, in the end, his decision ended up guiding me to a better design decision.