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September 8, 2011

Hand Soap

Hand Soap…exciting stuff right? I wouldn’t typically deem hand soap worthy of an entire blog post. However, I have a new obsession: Pecksniffs Gardenia and White Peach Moisturizing Hand Soap. I first spotted this hand soap at HomeGoods (where else?!). I was instantly smitten with the pretty bottle. I picked up one bottle and used it as a starting point for re-decorating my powder room. Yes, this soap is that pretty – it inspired my powder room re-do! I loved the clean lines, the black lettering against the white soap, not to mention it was topped off with a shiny silver cap and dispenser. O and did I mention it smells heavenly? Hmmm…I’m not quite sure anyone else has ever described a bottle of hand soap in such detail…but I’ll gladly be the first. I was feeling pretty pleased with my purchase so on my twice weekly visits to HomeGoods (there is one near my work and one near my house so I typically pop in to each store once a week), I starting buying more soap. I’ll admit, it’s a problem. I’m a hand soap hoarder. Thus far I’ve purchased 8 bottles! In my defense, two are being used in the extra bathrooms, and one I gifted to my Aunt who shared my same enthusiasm for this soap. She remarked how much she loved the soap so I let her in on my hoarding problem and insisted she take a bottle home with her. So I ‘m down to only 5 extra bottles! The main reason that I’ve been hoarding this soap is that HomeGoods is selling a 16.90 oz bottle for $4.99 while Amazon is selling the same size bottle for $25.50. I think I’ll buy a bottle or two a week month. At this rate I’ll be moving homes before I need to buy more hand soap.

O and did I mention I also picked up a few of the coordinating candles?

I know it’s silly that a bottle of hand soap makes me happy. But, I thought I’d share my new obsession with you. So tell me, what seemingly insignificant items around your house put a smile on your face?