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August 31, 2011

the light fixture that wasn’t

Last week I shared with you my kitchen mood board.  All of the elements in my design plan – the lighting, the fabric, the tile – were selected after several weeks of browsing home décor blogs, pinterest, and catalogs in search of inspiration.  While the tile was a pretty easy decision – I had my heart set on white subway tile – lighting and fabric is a whole other ball game.  The options are nearly endless.  The more I researched the more I became confused.  After making my fifth or so pinterest mood board, I finally felt confident in my design plan.  I selected the Ikea Leran Pendant Lamp for over our kitchen table.

I loved that the natural texture of the shade would be juxtaposed against the shiny black kitchen table we already own from Crate and Barrel. 

I was in love with the mix of natural materials (pendant) and painted wood (table).  And let’s be honest…the $89.99 price tag of the Ikea Leran made this an easy decision.  I decided to hang the Ikea Leran over our table and the Crate and Barrel Victory Pendant over the island.


I thought that the light fixtures related enough (in size and shape)…but would make for an interesting combination of industrial steel and natural woven fibers.  I also loved that the pendant hanging over the island would be silver galvanized steel (and tie in nicely with our soon to be grey/charcoal walls), while the Ikea Leran would be hanging over our shiny black table (but relate to the stain of our kitchen cabinets).

Well all of my planning was for naught.  My husband vetoed the Ikea Leran on the spot during our trip to Ikea.  Back to the drawing pinterest board.

The Crate and Barrel Victory Pendant lamp arrived the very same day the Ikea Leran was vetoed.  I opened the box to find a light fixture whose scale was way too large to be used over our island.  The light fixture measures almost 26 inches in diameter, while the depth of the island is only 27.5 inches.  The proportions just weren’t going to work.

My light fixture plan was a fail – a double fail.  I selected two light fixtures that weren’t going to work for the space (albeit for two different reasons).

To salvage my plan I decided that the Victory pendant lamp would work with the scale of our table (45 inches in diameter without the leaf).  I’m going to have that fixture hung above our kitchen table.  I then worked to find a light fixture for over our island.  A light fixture with the correct dimensions,  and also one that my husband approved of.  I decided on the Ballard Addie Pendant.  I couldn’t be happier with my two choices and dare I say, I’m actually happier with the combinatin of the Addie Pendant and the Victory Pendant than I was with the original plan.


From this experience I learned a very valuable lesson: Measure.  Measure again, and then triple check your measurements just one more time.

Kitchen Update: The final reveal of the kitchen will probably take a bit longer than first anticipated.  I still have to schedule our painter, as well as decide on/order fabric (and then sew the drapes).  Flipping through the Ballard Designs catalog I came across two more Ikat fabrics that I like and I’m awaiting the arrival of the fabric samples.  So far, these three are in the running.  What would you select?