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August 30, 2011

My local Goodwill – also known as the “Target outlet center”

My local Goodwill has been chock-full-o-goodness lately, and I just returned from yet another sucessful trip.  There is a Goodwill a few minutes from my house, and it just happens to be next to the Giant where I stop in for quick grocery runs (shhh! don’t tell Wegmans I’ve been unfaithful).

A few weeks back I stopped into Goodwill and picked up a pair of beautiful BRAND NEW lamps.  Literally, brand stinking new, they still had the Target stickers on them.  Click here for the link to the lamps on Target’s website.  Target is selling these lamps for 59.99 a pop.  Goodwill’s price: 9.99 per lamp.  Yes, I saved a total of 100 dollars off retail price.  While I believe that I “saved” 100 dollars, my husband likes to argue that I didn’t save anything and in fact I “spent” 20.  Po-tay-toe, Po-tah-toe.  Either way I came home with some brand new lamps in exchange for 20 bucks.  While the lamps were a pretty color, the plum really wasn’t fitting in with my decor scheme.  I’ve already given the lamps a makeover (which explains the setting of the pictures below):

Today, I stopped into Goodwill on my way home from work and was pleasantly surprised to find that Target had just unloaded more NEW merchandise.  I was greeted by this beautiful sight:

I know what you’re thinking.  Ceramic garden stools covered in pink flowers – ugly.  But at 24.99 per stool, it’s nothing that a can of spray paint can’t fix.  I know that garden stools have been all the rage lately in home decor, but I’m not over them.  In fact, I’ve been lusting after a pair for a while now and I’m so happy to have found a pair that don’t do too much damage to my decor budget.  Target is selling these stools for 59.99 each.  Enough said.

I also picked up some other goodies while at Goodwill today.  I’m in the process of decorating one of our guest bedrooms (yes of course I’ll be sharing all of the design and DIY goodness) and was in desperate need of a bedskirt to cover the ugly bedframe.  Team Goodwill-Target to the rescue again.  I scored a King size bedskirt for…wait for it…2 dollars and 49 cents.  Don’t believe me? The proof is in the pictures…

Let’s recap my “savings.”

Lamps – Target price: 120    Goodwill price: 20

Ceramic garden stools – Target price: 120    Goodwill price: 50

Bedskirt – Target price: 32    Goodwill price: 2.50

Total spent: $72.50

Total saved: $199.50

Goodwill trip = success!